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ADRIATICO: Stories and recipes from Italy's Adriatic Coast ADRIATICO: Stories and recipes from Italy's Adriatic Coast
$65.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781925418729
The food of Italy's eastern coastline mirrors the memories and traditions of peoples past and present who have lived on the shores of the Adriatic, with ingredients reflecting the climate and terrain - of course with seafood in abundance, as well as an array of incredible pasta, rice, polenta and meat dishes. Spindly wooden fishing piers, white washed walls, colourful villages and sea-facing piazzas dot the 1,200-kilometre coastline with a rich history touched by Etruscan, Greek, Roman, Venetian and Austrian populations. Join Paola on this beautiful journey where she travels the length of this relatively unexplored coastline, to find ancient food traditions still thriving.
BIBLIOPHILE: An Illustrated Miscellany BIBLIOPHILE: An Illustrated Miscellany
$50.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781452167237
Booklovers, rejoice! In this love letter to all things bookish, Jane Mount brings literary people, places, and things to life through her signature and vibrant illustrations. Readers will: Tour the world's most beautiful bookstores. Test their knowledge of the written word with quizzes. Find their next great read in lovingly curated stacks of books. Sample the most famous fictional meals. Peek inside the workspaces of their favourite authors. A source of endless inspiration, literary facts and recommendations, and pure bookish joy, Bibliophile is sure to enchant book clubbers, English majors, poetry devotees, inspiring writers, and any and all who identify as bookworms.

ECO HOME: Smart Ideas for Sustainable New Zealand Homes ECO HOME: Smart Ideas for Sustainable New Zealand Homes
$45.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780143771531
A practical accessible guide to building, renovating and living sustainably in New Zealand today. As well as looking at the living spaces’ (kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, office, living area, utility rooms and outdoor areas) structural materials and furnishings to improve your personal green-star rating, it also considers the wider issues - why make an eco home at all? With inspirational photographs of New Zealand homes discussing: principles of sustainable building, choosing a property, building a team of professionals, foundations and floors, the structure and the shell, this book is both entertaining and informative. A must-have for all people with an eco-conscience.
$55.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780143770909
This book celebrates the endeavours and achievements of women gardeners who are responsible for some of the most-admired gardens within New Zealand. Often starting as a home-based hobby, fitting around child care and other domestic tasks, the gardens developed by the women featured in this book have evolved into living works of art. Scattered from the far north to Stewart Island, these gardens have a few things in common. Each one has been developed by a woman responding to her own landscape and locale with energy and verve. Often an outlet for a creative urge, the gardens portray a wide cross-section of styles. The stories of the gardeners also share common bonds - hard work and a passion for the landscape - but also stories of combating isolation, loss and joining a sisterhood of gardeners. Some gardens are well known and justly celebrated both here and overseas- others are undiscovered gardens worthy of wider attention

HYGGE & WEST HOME: Design for a Cosy Life HYGGE & WEST HOME: Design for a Cosy Life
$70.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781452164328
From the co-founders of the Hygge & West brand comes a unique exploration of decor and hygge.The book answers the question of how to create a home filled with natural elements, spaces for family and friends, bits of cosiness, and special charms. Showcasing a variety of home styles and sizes, belonging to creatives from a range of fields, the book offers readers inspiration for creating a meaningful, cosy, and comfortable home anywhere. The book is divided into chapters, each one tackling an aspect of hygge (nature, family, small spaces, and charm) and showing home tours that accomplish each aspect. The home tours also include interviews with the homeowner, getting the inside scoop on what they love about their homes and what inspires cosy feelings, as well as design tips for decorating in their own home.
$37.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781925773163
A hilarious new exploration of philosophy through cartoons from the duo who created the international bestsellers Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar and Travels with Epicurus. Daniel Klein and Thomas Cathcart have been thinking deep thoughts and writing jokes for decades, and now they help us understand philosophy through cartoons, and cartoons through philosophy. Packed with dozens of witty cartoons and loaded with profound philosophical insight, I Think, Therefore I Draw is a joyous introduction to all the major debates in philosophy through history to the present day – sure to delight readers and leave them well enlightened.

MAKEOVER: Conversions and Extensions of Homes and Residential Spaces MAKEOVER: Conversions and Extensions of Homes and Residential Spaces
$125.00 NZD
ISBN: 9783037682340
In the world of architecture and construction there is a general consensus that many existing residential buildings will have to be substantially renovated within the next few years - not only because they are technically outdated but also because their functionality and esthetics are no lon - ger in line with contemporary demands and requirements. For each venture of this type, the owners and architects must deal and come to terms with the existing structures. Some projects consist of only a few square metres within an old building while others exceed the size of the previ ously existing living space. Based on more than 100 carefully selected works, the whole scope of possibilities for extensions and conversions is presented - from multi-floor annexes, via newly designed existing spaces, to additional sections or merged spaces - exhibiting a great variety of different styles - whether minimalist, rustic, elaborate, elegant ...
$65.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781925694642
Australasia is known for its sun, surf and sand, and in this beautiful new book - the first hardcover publication from the team behind Real Living - we visit the homes of Australia’s most creative stylists, tastemakers and influencers, all of whom live near the beach. From Byron Bay to Phillip Island, each of the 20 houses, apartments and surf shacks has a different vibe, be it fresh and minimalistic or moody and textured. Over 224 pages, we reveal the individual styles, treasured possessions and decorating secrets of locals. With page after page of luscious beach-inspired interiors, it’s the perfect addition to every decorator’s collection.

$70.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780062840608
With thirty-nine unique apartment designs, from distinguished architects and designers illustrating striking ways to eliminate doorways and walls, Open Concept Apartments is the ultimate resource for open floor plans to create a larger combined living space for cooking, eating, and entertaining. Filled with detailed drawings, before and after renovation photographs, and gorgeous full-colour images, this book aims to provide apartment owners and designers with an inspirational collection of some of the world's most impressive and functional open concept designs.
$65.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781785031168
Everything you love about Ottolenghi, made simple. Yotam Ottolenghi’s award-winning recipes are always a celebration – an unforgettable combination of abundance, taste and surprise. This cookbook is no different, with 130 brand-new dishes that contain all the inventive elements and flavour combinations that Ottolenghi is loved for, but with minimal hassle for maximum joy. Bursting with colourful photography, Ottolenghi Simple showcases his standout dishes that will suit whatever type of cooking you find easy – whether that’s getting wonderful food on the table in under 30 minutes, or using just one pot to make a delicious meal, or a flavoursome dish that can be prepared ahead and then served when you’re ready.

PATTERSON: Houses of Aotearoa PATTERSON: Houses of Aotearoa
$95.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780500022191
Architect Andrew Patterson has been designing houses and civic projects for over 30 years and was awarded the New Zealand Institute of Architects 2017 Gold Medal. This sublime book showcases 17 of his recent houses, in some of the most dramatic locations in New Zealand, from stunning seascape retreats to hillside cabins. Each house reveals how Patterson’s architecture responds to that region’s breathtaking landscape to tell the story of the country’s cultural history and to create a sense of place and belonging. This overview is interspersed with thematic sections that present Patterson’s key influences, and the culture and lifestyles of New Zealand, more broadly.
REPURPOSED: New Zealand Homes Using Upcycled Materials and Spaces REPURPOSED: New Zealand Homes Using Upcycled Materials and Spaces
$50.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780143771746
New ways to use old materials, spaces and buildings, by the author of Small House Living. This home design book, features an inspiring array of homes, located throughout the country that feature a variety of clever solutions and design styles, making good use of recycled and upcycled materials, structures, spaces and furnishings. There is everything from repurposed container homes to army barracks, farm utility buildings, churches and urban spaces finished with upcycled and repurposed furnishings. The homes are in Lyttelton, Auckland, Wellington, Mahurangi, Cambridge, Cromwell, Christchurch, Queenstown, Hawke’s Bay, Coromandel and Rangiora.

RIPE RECIPES: A Third Helping RIPE RECIPES: A Third Helping
$60.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780994138347
Following the huge success of their first two cookbooks, the Ripe Deli team celebrates 15 years of business by putting together a third helping of all-time favourites as well as exciting new dishes you can make at home. It is a cornucopia of delicious recipes, bursting with flavour and goodness – plus some purely decadent treats. Organised by season, recipes vary from fast, fresh food for busy week-day dinners to slightly challenging weekend dishes. From salads and vegan dishes to curries and baking, A Third Helping is filled with over 150 recipes for food that soothes, comforts, and feeds the soul.
$50.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781925695038
Australian architects and interior designers are imagining some of the most innovative and clever 'smart spaces' for those eschewing traditional suburban living for a more millennial existence in penthouses, apartments and semis. Smart Spaces, the stylish new tome from the team at Belle magazine, introduces readers to an incredible array of smart spaces designed by Australia's leading creative names. This is a must-read for the chic downsizer and anyone choosing clever layouts and exciting locales over traditional houses, and all those who have enjoyed Belle’s previous two books on Australian homes.

$55.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780500021941
There is no one way to design a modern urban house. Demand for space in cities the world over is higher than ever and new buildings must meet stringent energy saving requirements and negotiate a myriad planning regulations. But the best new urban architecture suggests invention and innovation are as critical as ever. The Contemporary House brings together seventy solutions, drawn from cities around the globe to explore the many ways in which architecture can enhance the experience of living in the city. Organized geographically, The Contemporary House offers a fascinating insight into the sheer variety of contemporary approaches to urban design, from reinventions of longstanding vernacular forms like terraces and townhouses, through to the fast changing suburbs and inner cities of modern Japan, where the short lifespan of family houses provides architects with a template for aesthetic and technical experimentation.
$100.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781579658397
Nathan Williams, founder and editor in chief of Kinfolk magazine and author of The Kinfolk Table, The Kinfolk Home, and The Kinfolk Entrepreneur - brings 80 of the most iconic and influential creative directors into the spotlight, those who are often behind the scenes, letting their work take centre stage. In The Eye, we meet fashion designers like Dries van Noten and Kris Van Assche. Directors like Spike Jonze and Melina Matsoukas. Tastemakers like Grace Coddington and Linda Rodin. We learn about the books they read, the mentors who guided them, their individual techniques for achieving success. We learn how they developed their ‘eye’ -and how they've used it to communicate visual ideas that have captured generations and will shape the future. As an entrepreneur whose own work is defined by its specific and instantly recognizable aesthetic, Nathan Williams has a unique vision of contemporary culture that will make this an invaluable book for art directors, designers, photographers, stylists, and any creative professionals seeking inspiration and advice.

$30.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781473688292
In the spring of 2007, busker James Bowen came across an injured ginger tom cat in the hallway of his shelter in north London. This was the start of a friendship that would turn both their lives around, and lead to A Street Cat Named Bob, the international bestseller. The Little Book of Bob is a collection of insights James has gained from Bob over the years. From the power of friendship to staying calm and finding the joys in a simple life, let Bob be your guide on how to navigate the ins and outs of life like a wise street cat.
THE PLANTHUNTER: Truth, Beauty, Chaos and Plants THE PLANTHUNTER: Truth, Beauty, Chaos and Plants
$65.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781760760236
A celebration of the exceptional and ordinary ways people engage with the world around them through plants. In gardens we find shelter, nurture and respite from the noise and rush of everyday life. To garden is a wonderful thing but you don't have to have a large plot of land or immense knowledge to reap the benefits of a little nature. The Planthunter uncovers all the ways in which people around the world find purpose, beauty, wellness and connection through the act of gardening.

$80.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781760760120
In today's fast-paced world, finding refuge from our busy lives is one of the most significant requirements for home. This refuge takes the form of rooms for rest, spaces for interacting with family and friends, as well as outdoor spaces. Urban Sanctuary showcases outstanding contemporary houses from Australia and New Zealand situated in urban contexts that explore and demonstrate new inventive ways of living with the outdoors. Taking the form of vertical gardens, micro-green spaces, rooftop gardens, courtyards, borrowed landscapes and reworked traditional gardens, these projects reveal how a home can interact with garden spaces in whatever form they might take.
$55.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780143771449
Amber Rose, the author of Love Bake Nourish and The Wholefood Pantry, believes a well nourished life is one filled with wholesome, delicious food that is thoughtfully prepared and eaten with delight. In Wild Delicious she returns to her roots, preparing simple, nutritious recipes with ingredients gathered from the gardens, orchards, farms and ocean of her homeland, New Zealand. After several years living in the UK, Amber revels in rediscovering the natural foods that she grew up with and combining them with flavours gathered on her travels. Her fuss-free yet impactful recipes make the most of heritage ingredients and seasonal variations to create dishes that are truly irresistible.

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PATTERSON: Houses of Aotearoa $95.00 NZD